Organize a clean-up

Would you like to take action for us and contribute to a cleaner world? Then organize a clean-up action and get sponsored for it. Of course it is even more fun to do this together with friends or family! Organizing a clean-up action is quick and easy. See below for a step-by-step plan:
Step 1: Create an action page. Make your page personal with pictures. Write down your motivation for this clean-up and why your friends and familiy should sponsor you. Also you can let people know on your action page when and where you are gonna clean-up. Maybe your friends will join you. 
TIP for a location:  As a rule, most of the garbage is in places where many people come, but in principle you can clean up everywhere. Make a nice route for yourself. For example, start at your street and walk to a nearby park/forest or maybe you live near a river. You can also agree with friends to clean up the route between your houses. We recommend a 2 to 3 hour route. Choose a route where you walk past a bakery, for example, for a well-deserved break
Step 2: Start fundraising. Share your action page with the sharebuttons. Create a poster with a QR-code. Tell everyone that you are supporting Plastic Soup Foundation while cleaning up.
Step 3: Arrange the right materials for the cleanup:
  • garbage bags
  • gloves
  • optionally you can choose to bring a grabber. Grabs can often be requested from the town where you live or you can purchase one, should you be doing this more often.
Step 4: Get started! At the end, of course, make sure your trash is neatly disposed of again. 😊
TIP: wear easy-fitting clothes. Will you be working with a group, such as your class or club? Then it might be fun to all wear the same shirt. It does well in the photo!
Step 5: Let your sponsors know how mutch trash you have cleaned up, tell them how your day was and thank them for sponsoring you!