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On WPP recharge Day, Monday the 11th of July, I ran a Killer Whale shaped route of 18km to raise awareness and funds for the Plastic Soup Foundation. 

Why Plastic Soup Foundation?

As a family, we love the outdoors and evrything that lives in it and we try to lead a healthy livestyle. The goals of the Plastic Soup Foundation are perfectly inline with our family values as they focus on education on the health risks of using plastic, suggest alternatives and organise group cleanups. 

Why contribute?

Fighting the plastic problem the world is facing starts with awareness. The Plastic Soup Foundation focusses on education by doing campaigns and funding research to help create awareness. Caimpaigns around microplastics in personal health products for example and a recent research showing 80% of Pork & Beef in supermarkets is contaminated with microplastics. They also aim to trigger politicians and indurstry to start conversations about plastic alternatives. All these efforts take time and money and that is why I need your help!

Do you care about a healther planet for yourself and your kids?

Please consider a donation!

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